Increasing livelihood

Vetaria Pharmaceuticals and Aims Traders are the arms of Pyramid Consultants that undertake livelihood enhancement activities particularly in the poultry and livestock sectors. Since the mid 1980s, we have introduced several innovations in the livestock sector in order to enhance productivity of animals. Our major contributions have been as under:


*Introduced anti mastitis treatments for the first time in the 1980s to treat mastitis in dairy cattle.

*For the first time, introduced a vaccine for Theileria in exotic and cross breeds of cattle in collaboration with Nestle around 2009. Handled all the regulatory affairs and documentation required for import of the vaccine. We had to get permissions from 4 ministries including the Prime Minister’s Secretariat. For the first  time Farmers in Pakistan had recourse to preventive treatment for theileriosis.

*Several products introduced by us in the 1980s have been copied by other companies in the veterinary sector. The products include liver tonics and antibiotic combinations.

*Major veterinary Biological companies have been introduced to Pakistan through our platform. Leading Biological companies such as Intervet and Hipra Laboratories are an example.


The present day employers of at least a dozen veterinary companies have worked for one of our sister companies (Aims Traders/Vetaria Pharmaceuticals). We like to think that we have contributed to enhance the livelihoods in the social development and livestock sectors of Pakistan.


“Give a Man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a life time”-Anonymous